General Information

Our Address:

St Andrews Place

5E Rodney Street


L1 9ED


Booking a room:

To book a room click the ‘Book Now’ tab above. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your specific needs or with any questions you may have.


A deposit of £250 is required to secure your booking. It is the law that your deposit be protected, all of our student’s deposits are sent to a third party protection scheme. The scheme we use is Deposit Protection Service, this is where your deposit will be held until your tenancy has ended.  Your deposit is refundable if you cancel your booking within the ‘cooling off period’, our cancellation policy can be viewed below.


Applicants wishing to pay via instalments are required to provide a guarantor. Your guarantor must be a UK resident over the age of 18. Applicants paying their accommodation fees in full before their check in date do not require a guarantor. If you are an overseas student wishing to pay via instalments and do not have a UK based guarantor, you can register with Housing Hand who will be able to provide this for you for a fee.

Cancellation Policy:

The tenant may cancel their booking (by giving us written notice of cancellation) at any time during the cooling off period of 30 days after the date of a signed tenancy agreement (the “Initial Cancellation Period”). If the tenant cancels the tenancy agreement in these circumstances, there will be no charge and we will return the deposit in full to the tenant. Tenants wishing to cancel during their tenancy must find another student to takeover their tenancy agreement, as per the conditions set out in the agreement.