Information for Parents

Security and Safety:

At St Andrews Place we pride ourselves on the relationship we build with our students. With the excellent staff we have on site at St Andrews Place, this gives us the opportunity to interact with and get to know each of our students. We believe the relationships we build make for an enjoyable and memorable stay here and students are more likely to approach us any problems they may have or just for a general chat. As we get to know our students well, we can offer help or direct them to appropriate sources if we recognise that they are having problems.

The safety of our students is always our first and foremost concern. It is for this reason that our Night Managers and Student Rep’s (there are three Student Rep’s for the 17/18 year) are  either trained or due to undertake Fire Warden training. We also have two first aiders on site and all of our Student Rep’s agree to undergo first aid training as part of their Student Rep agreement.

Entrance to the building is via a secure electronic fob entry system. Fobs are given to residents upon check in and can be cancelled at any time by staff, this prevents unauthorised access to the building should a fob be lost or not returned by a previous tenant. The same system is also used for access to the on site laundry room.

The presence of the Night Managers ensures that the safety and peace of mind of all of our students is secure. As well as preventing any unwanted visitors and safeguarding the building, the Night Managers are able to help with minor maintenance issues (lightbulbs, etc.) and are available in the Night Manager’s office during their shift should a student wish to talk or require any assistance.

All staff and Student Rep’s are fully trained in the Company’s Emergency Procedures policy and regular drills are carried out to ensure this knowledge is kept up to date. There is also a 24/7 emergency phone number, plus a back up second emergency phone number in the rare and improbable event that no staff  are available during an emergency. These numbers and emergency procedures are given to students at check in along with their Welcome Packs.

All staff at St Andrews Place are Disclosure and Barring Service checked.

Visiting Families:

If you will visit one of our students in Liverpool and would like to stay in the city, we have arranged a 15% discount with Base Serviced Apartments for friends and family of our students. To receive the discount, book directly with Base via the website or telephone and use the discount code ‘STANDREWS’. Base have four locations in different areas of Liverpool city centre making them an ideal base for visiting the city.